Print to represent the Upton House in the 1660s.
The History of Salem, Volume 3, by Sidney Perley, 1924, Page 351.
The Upton House, Circa 1900
The Upton House, Circa 1915
The Upton House, 2021, Via Google Earth

735 Lowell Street in West Peabody has a long and storied history, as the Upton House and Tavern.

John Upton arrived here in 1652 from Scotland, as a prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar. Some of the captured men were forced into indentured servitude in the New England colonies.

By 1658, John Upton had bought back his freedom, and worked as a blacksmith. The Upton House was built around 1662. Upton eventually acquired 200 acres – around today’s Lowell, Birch and Russell Streets.

The Upton House was used as a tavern and inn from 1774 to 1825. The House still has its enormous fireplace – 7′ across and 4′ high. Can you image how lively the tavern must have been? Travelers and locals alike would have gathered to discuss the events and challenges of the day.