Graduation season is upon us, so let’s take a look at the many lives of Peabody High School.

Opened in 1850, the first Peabody High School was a small one-story building, once used as a chapel in the rear of the Unitarian Church on Park Street. It held 43 students.

Now, over 170 years later, Peabody High School has relocated four times, grown to three stories and educates up to 2,000 students a year.


First Peabody High School

Unitarian Church, Park Street, Now Condominiums

Postcard, 1906



Second Peabody High School

Now Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, Stevens Street

Postcard, 1917

Graduation Program for the Peabody High School Class of 1869;

In 1868, the town adopted the name Peabody.

Class of 1893, Salem News, June 30, 1893

Per article, “the singing was much better” at this ceremony as opposed to the last couple of years. Quite the commentary!


Third Peabody High School is now Peabody Housing Authority, Central Street

Postcard, Circa 1930


Diploma for Grace Gloria Cola, Class of 1946


Fourth Peabody High School

is now the Higgins Middle School, Perkins Street

Photograph, circa 1970


Program cover, Class of 1966



Fifth High School

Peabody Veterans’ Memorial High School, Feery Road

Front cover, program for the dedication of the new Peabody Veterans’ Memorial High School, October 29, 1972


Did you go to Peabody High School? Which location did you graduate from? We love hearing your stories, so feel free to share them with us!

This information can also be found in a pop-up exhibit our Assistant Curator Morgan Stutler installed at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School this spring.