At this year’s International Festival, we planned to roll out our new QR program. We are collaborating with the City of Peabody to place QR codes on local historic sites. We will be adding more historic locations in the coming months!

Our pilot program includes Peabody City Hall, the Peabody Institute Library (Main Branch), Central Fire Station on Lowell Street, the Civil War Monument (across from the Courthouse) and the Lexington Monument on the corner of Washington and Sewall Street. Each location has a QR code sign prominently displayed on it.

A lot of people have asked us what is a QR code? Fair question. You might recognize the black and white square (QR code below), as some restaurants replaced their menus with these codes during the pandemic. QR code means quick response code. When you activate the QR code, it takes you a website for more information.

Your smart phone will focus on the QR code and ask you if you would like to open the QR on your phone’s internet browser. Once you’ve clicked on the “open” button, you will be taken to our website. There you where you will find out so much more about the Lexington Monument, like the answer to question #5 in our scavenger hunt.

Now that you’re a pro at opening QR codes, let’s go on a scavenger hunt.

Once you’ve visited all of the locations and answered all the questions, submit your completed list. While you are at it, take a selfie at your favorite stop and share with us! We will be taking submissions until October 20th. At that time, we will randomly select a name for a complimentary new or renewal membership. Happy Hunting!