This Gothic Revival cottage was built in 1847 by General William Sutton as a wedding gift to his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Abel Pierson Jr. The Sutton-Pierson House was originally located at 83 Aborn Street.

Circa 1900, 83 Aborn Street (now 31 Washington Street)

On April 5th, 2009, the house was donated to the Peabody Historical Society by the developer of its Aborn Street lot.

House Move - 2009

The house was removed from its original foundation in two sections. These sections were then transported from Aborn Street to Washington Street – as seen here.
House Move Down Washington St - 2009

The house was moved to a vacant lot adjacent to the Osborne-Salata House on Washington Street.
Peabody TV filmed the move and did a wonderful segment on it. Click here to watch!

sutton-pierson house today
Today, the Sutton-Pierson House has been restored to its original glory by the Peabody Historical Society.
The Society’s extensive library and archives have been housed in this building since 2017.